Necessary Evil

Love waits

Love calculates

Love takes..everything sometimes

Loves yearns

Love never learns

Love burns..oh so good sometimes

Love spies

tells wicked lies

Love tries…anything once (BRIDGE)

Love feeds

your mortal needs

Love bleeds…you dry sometimes

Love strives

Love changes lives

Love drives…you mad every time every time…..



You drive me

completely crazy

your smile tears me in two

and I want you with all of my senses

this broken heart still beats for you

and please don’t hold me so closely

and expect me to let go

because these arms are hungry

and searching for you


you chase my storm clouds away

when you hum my favorite tune (hum)

and you’re at the end of my rainbow

and I can’t get there too soon


Don’t let the morning sun chase

these stars away

because I want to dance with you darlin

as long as the music plays


Sarah, what color are your eyes

I used to call them blue

but they are so much more than that

a color just won’t do

Sarah, I love to hear you sing

reminds me of the rain in June

when the storms are over way too soon

Sarah, I’m sending you this song

because post cards just don’t say enough

and letters are too long


There’s a rhythm in your laughter that

makes me want to sway

I’ve this hunger for your lips I’m

dying from each day

There’s a magic in your touch that

makes my skin sing

there’s a season in your smile that

always feels like Spring

There’s a power in your voice that

fills my soul with light

there’s an answer in your kiss that

my heart knows is right

B – side love

I would sculpt the Earth for you

the river beds and oceans too

til by the time that I was through

they could see your face fromĀ outerĀ space

and satellites just drifting through

would bounce back stellar images of you

See you unlock the gates in me

that held my words but now they’re free

to tell you what you mean to me

I believe your smile can cut a man in two

and both these halves belong to you

And you’re the song I’m dreaming of

and there we’ll make acoustic love

your voice strums all the chords in me

a perfect B-side melody