Life as Documentary

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see me on late night television in an interview, and if I’m very very lucky, the host will ask me the kind of question people always want someone to ask when everyone is listening…”What is writing to you?”

and I would say something like…

It’s an excuse to think of yourself as the lead character in a documentary. Your thoughts are the narration. Me, the hero, the sympathized character whom everyone watching not only can relate to but hopes will win in the end. Then cue the MTV music awards soundtrack of the year, building with intensity as the camera zooms in and out of the morning drive to work. The story begins in smooth transition narrating to the tempo of the cut scene working day montage. The rough, earthy pluck of the acoustic guitar melody lines up so perfectly to the studdered, broken voice message you leave that ends “so…just call me when you get this.” The afternoon is a wash of color and sound as the violins build in the background and one scene transitions into the next.

The camera moves with us, capturing our best side. The lighting is flawless. We never miss a sunrise no matter where we are or what time we got up that day. Our mood controls the weather and it always seems to rain when we are sad. And everywhere a feeling of nostalgia..a touch of the surreal.

If only life could move that way, but the camera still records past the happy endings and the sad. There are no rolling credits, no acknowledgements to the production staff or Dolby surround sound checks. We live in real time and life unedited can be pretty uneventful to watch. So the pen touches the page sometimes to remind us of those moments when it really did feel like a movie that maybe we would go to see…if we didn’t already know the ending.


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