Meet The Writer

Trained in the deadly, black cricket style by Master Lo Mein, he vowed to only use his skills for good. He wields his eccentricity and whimsical indifference with the agility of a stealthy mountain panther. Before attaining enlightenment and profound inner peace atop the remote mountain cliffs of New Jersey he was known to challenge cage fighters three at a time and dance with their girlfriends…also three at a time. He speaks braille with a southern accent. More powerful than 5,000 teenage girls behind theĀ barricadeĀ at a Justin Beiber concert. He can wink in seven different languages and currently enjoys dual citizenship with the United States and Virginia. He never goes anywhere without at least one tiny notebook in his right back pocket. Kids get his jokes, dogs like the way he smells, and when he’s not busy fighting crime or healing a nation he’s baking a mean quiche. Now here he is…your poet..your friend..built for comfort not speed…the fastest uniball in the west SMILES WITH TEETH! He is pleased and honored to welcome you to his humble blog.

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